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2004.10.13 The Consortium submitted an official proposal to representatives of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) describing a Web Services architecture based generic system supervision architecture based on GeneSyS. GeneSyS partners continuously made and continue to make efforts to turn GeneSyS into a standard or recommendation or to foster the development of such a standard based on GeneSyS.
2004.09.30 The Consortium finished development of GeneSyS V2 and also finished the 2 proposed validation scenarios:
  • Distributed training (distributed simulation)
  • Web Servers Monitoring
The Distributed training scenario validated GeneSyS in the context of a complex distributed training/simulation environment operated by EADS. This simulation environment targets the ATV-ISS (Automated Transfer Vehicle - International Space Station) rendez-vous mission on the basis of HLA middleware.

THe Web Servers Monitoring scenario targeted the use of GeneSyS for the supervision of Web Servers including their various components. THis scenario provided a complete set of tools for monitoring a typical Web Server setup and applications including moinoring of Apache, MySQL, PostgreSql, Tomcat, PHP and also includes a Web Responsiveness agent and the Agent Dependency Framework, which enables the definition of dependencies among the above components.
Web Servers Monitoring screenshot with the Generic Supervisor Console and the Agent Dependency plugin
2004.03.30 The Consortium presented GeneSyS to the EC reviewers in Brussels during the 4th review of the Project. This review concentrated on the architecture of the 2nd version of GeneSyS and the plans for the validation of the new version. The reviwers found the project in good condition being on track with the original project plan.
2004.01.15 The conference paper "GeneSyS Project: Supervision of Distributed Systems (03E-SIW-043)" written and presented by GeneSyS partners EADS-ST and D3-Group has been awarded by the SISO 2003 conference committee as one of the "Outstanding" papers of the conference.

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2003.10.30 The Consortium presented GeneSyS to the EC reviewers in Stuttgart during the third review of the Project. The review included live demonstration of the newly released source and binary packages available at SourceForge. A highlight of the review was the presentation of a GeneSyS console developed for the iPAQ platform using the Microsoft .NET compact framework. The reviwers found the project in good condition being on track with the original project plan.
2003.10.28 The Consortium officially published sources of GeneSyS 1.0. The release includes the following packages (in source and binary form):
  • GeneSyS Connector Api
  • GeneSyS Core
  • GeneSyS Active Network Agent
  • GeneSyS Generic Console
  • GeneSyS Linux System Agent
  • GeneSyS Passive Network Agent
  • GeneSyS Quality Network Agent
  • GeneSyS Sample Agent
  • GeneSyS System Console
  • GeneSyS Tomcat Agent
  • GeneSyS Win2K Agent

Sources are available at SourceForge. Logo

2003.07.18 The PDR scenario's "sub-scenario" involving multicast MBONE tools instead of the Netmeeting/MCU approach has been validated by the consortium. This validation used MBONE agent and MBONE console (click images to zoom):

MBONE screen with the participants
MBONE screen with the participants

MBONE console
MBONE console with monitoring data
2003.07.15 The consortium started the validation of GeneSyS using the PDR (Preliminary Design Review) scenario. This scenario involves a document database (EDB), which stores design documents of an ATV (Automatic Transfer Vehicle, space transporter for the international space station) mission. Reviewers use the EDB to get the documents to review and write they opinions in form of RID-s (Review Item Documents) uploaded back to the EDB.

This system is enhanced by the GeneSyS project by adding video conferencing to this traditionally off-line process of discussing design documents, as well as system supervision capabilities of GeneSyS to ensure reliability of video conferencing and EDB operation. Here are some screenshots of the scenario (click images to zoom):

PDR with Netmeeting, EDB console and Generic console

PDR with Netmeeting, EDB and Generic Console

EDB console
EDB console with some collected data

System console for viewing network information
System console with network quality information

Generic console
Generic console for visualising data gathered
by the MCU the Netmeeting clients are connected to

2003.04.24 Second review of GeneSyS in Stuttgart, with live demonstration of the GeneSyS system. The demonstration included parts of the system also planned to be used in the PDR validation scenario, namely
  • EDB agent: for monitoring the document database of a PDR session
  • Tomcat agent: hosting the EDB
  • GTI6-DSE agent: multimedia agent for monitoring the MCU used for NetMeeting sessions
  • MBONE agent: for demonstrating alternative video conferencing tools used in PDR
  • Network agent: for checking network performance during a PDR session
  • EDB, System and MBONE consoles for visualizing monitoring data
The progress of the project have been successfully reviewed by the European Commission.
2003.02.01 A connector API has been defined for Java components. This new API allows easier development of GeneSyS agents because it requires minimal effort for programmers to write their code that only need to deal with monitoring and should not take care of GeneSyS related communication and message processing.

The GeneSyS team rewrote the existing Java based components to use the new API.
2003.01.08 First internal release of GeneSyS and successful integration test of the components including:
  • GeneSyS Core
  • Generic console
  • Linux System agent
  • Windows 2000 System agent
  • Network agent
  • Tomcat agent, console
  • MBONE agent, console
2002.10.17-18 Architecture workshop in Stuttgart. First results on the
design architecture are presented.
2002.09.20 First review in Brussels. The first results of the project
have been successfully reviewed by the European Commission.
2002.07.24 Architecture workshop in Les Mureaux. SYSLOAD Software
leaves the GeneSyS consortium. A new partner, NAVUS GmbH, is joining the
2002.03.01 The GeneSyS Project (IST-2001-34162) officially started with the kick-off meeting of the contributing partners. The meeting was organized by EADS-LV and took place in Les Mureaux. The partners distributed various tasks among each other and established the different management structures and procedures.
2002.05.30-31 GeneSyS Architecture Workshop. This meeting took place in Hungary, hosted by MTA SZTAKI. The purpose of the meeting was to define the architecture of the GeneSyS system and to distribute the design and development work among consortium partners.